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I began to realise that it was a problem as i started growing older and my skin started changing rapidly. I developed vitiligo when i was 8 years old, and it started as a very small dot on my face. From a young age, i started going for several treatments with hopes of curing my skin condition, however, there wasn't any cure for me. Although there were a couple treatments that would change my skin back to it's original color, as soon as i stopped the treatment it depigmented again and i was back to square one. This was very hard on me because aside from dealing with all the changes and struggles that came with adolescence, i had to come to terms with how my skin was constantly changing as well. I would look different from one year to another as my spots changed along with time. Now, being a young girl, this took a very big toll on my self esteem. I was insecure and felt like i didn't belong.

There was a point in my life where i was bullied because of my skin condition. I was picked on whenever i was in school, and when i wasn't, i had to deal with the constant stares from the public. There were even some who would also make comments or approach me with questions in regards to my skin. Now, this was something that i had to deal with for a very long time (and still do even at this age), but over time i got used to it and i am at a point where it no longer bothers me the way it used to.

Overcoming my insecurities was something that i gradually worked on over a period of time. It wasn't something that i could do in just one day, but instead required months of self reflection and constantly pushing myself to embrace every part of me. However, studying in the US played a very big role in this. When i moved to the states, i felt like it was my chance to start fresh and finally be who i am. It was a new place, new environment, new culture. etc and i used this as my ticket to create myself. Being in such an open minded culture definitely helped especially with the confidence building. Although i am no longer as insecure as i used to be, my insecurities still do come back every now and then, especially when im in a situation which is outside of my comfort zone. However, when i am faced with a situation like such, i make it a point to remind myself of how far i've come, and everything that i've worked so hard on.⁣

My advice would be to just be yourself and not worry too much about what other people think or say. It’s easy to get caught up with what we see on social media, and try to fit into certain standards, however, doing so will only make you lose your identity. In the⁣

end, you should always do what makes you content and happy. Those who are meant to be in your life will accept and love you the way you are regardless of your appearances. It may seem like i have it all figured out, but honestly, i still struggle with this every now and then, but everyday is a new day for me to work towards loving myself even more, and accepting myself the way I am. Confidence isn't something you gain overnight, but if you're willing to push yourself to overcome your fears and just follow your heart, you'll eventually reach a stage where you'll feel free. Continue to do good, and grow as an individual, and someday you'll find your bliss.

Written by - Sonya Danita



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